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i am ALI AKBAR FARHADI i started my career in the field of energy therapy since 1991 an activity that originated in a God given force a wonderful and miracolous force. in fact as a child i spent alot of time alone under the night sky watching the stars and practicing complete unity and harmony.i had  a strange feeling in my body a sense of intense heat a sense of explosion and the same feeling i had with mself.i had endured this for many years when i was 20 i met a professor master" HADI PARVARANDEH" of this soul happy . master quidance  changed my life i was not realy was strange feeling that there was a divine and miracolous was a great discovery . i discovered something about myself that has an energy field. i discovered that my hands were so strong and powerful that it could save the helpless,it was God given and relized that everything is connected through this energy field and there is no empty space it was an exciting discovery but never in theory until then with evry illness i encountered did i ask to give myself efew minutes .i had learned the techniques of energy transfer from my professor and practical them for patient and afterwards .for a while, i was healing them and tears of joy came from my eyse.the enjoyable and mysterious experiences of my chilhood eventually led me to healing.over the years i gained valuable experience and through the principled pursuit of this overseas treatment method he was eble to compile his own Hypnotherapy and Energy Life Therapy books. i got Hypnosis again and meditation therapy is now with a bundle of experince in my mission to help my teeth heal them all.



practical energy therapy

befor i get in to the practical work i need to say efew  thing about diseases that cannot  be cured by this method usually genetic diseases the birth mother does not get the desired result.congenital paralysis  congenital blindness in one of them .according to my many years of experiennce balanchng the chakras and strengthening  the aura is at the forefront  of the effects of this treatment resulting in improved physical effects .many mental illnesses have improved this way migraine headaches are one of the diseases that results in a favorable outcom . Asthma  and stuttering are among the diseases  that people who are satisfied with their treatment .while the number of sessions and other conditions may not improve for everyone equally generalized the principles  of energy therapy are based on the transfer of energy from my hands to the patients body and i have seen different reactions from different pepoles psyche and physical body. this magnetic force balances the patients aura which ultimately improves the patients physical body and cell and this action (without  interfering with medical matters).approved by the appropriate authorities compilations( book of energy therapy with life force) the book Energy therapy with life force is a compilation  of activities published in 2005 with the permision  of the ministry of calture and eslamic Guidance .it has been explained that these techniques can be used alongside  in person session as a self medication and overcome your problems and discomfort some of the important  content and tecniques of this book:

characteristics of halo and CHAKRAS

*diagnosis of CHAKRA crater and halo

*CHAKRA color and different color application.

* exercise to open and balance the CHAKRA opening

*halo colors and concepts.

*practicing alpha level  mental imagery.

* normal breathing.

*how to enter the level of the alpha mind.





the book "Teaching self -Hypnosis and other Hypnosis.

this book "self Hypnosis training  and other Hypnosis Training " is also  a complition of activities published  with the permision of the ministry of Calture and Islamic Guidance  and by applying the exercises in this book you can achieve your goals .

some of the important content and techniques of this book:

*focus on thought and ways to strengthen it benefits of Hypnosis


*induction terms

*Dominant effect law

*ways to deepen sleep

*factors affecting Hypnosis.

*Hypnosis and Hypnosis tests.

*Decrease in time.

*Law of Attraction.

*Reverse efect law.

*Hypnosis treatment steps.

*Essential Elements in Hypnosis.

*Different ways of Hypnosis and different deggrees of magnetic sleep.



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